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Our services and skills range from basic wall painting to artistic works of art inside or outside your home, individualized to create a beautiful and unique space.

Surface Painting

Purple Wall

We use high quality paints for impressive color and a lasting finish.

All interior paints will be low VOC for your and our safety.

Brick Staining

brown and black brick wall_edited.jpg

We can transform your interior/exterior bricks with long lasting stains that keep the surface permeable and look natural.

Fine Detail/Finishes

Blue Window

Artisan quality work with fine attention to details, textures, and retouching surfaces.

Color Coordinating

Paint Pots and Color Wheel

Expert color artist to help you choose the right palette to enhance the experience of your space.

Cabinet Paint/Staining


Image by roam in color

We can transform your oak cabinets to a fresh white, or simply stain with a variety of colors for a new kitchen feel.

Murals by Ellen can individualize your space. A full wall or a simple accent design to give character and appeal.

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